Welcome to the Sharon Community Website


Municipal offices are housed in the Historic Town Hall, built in the 1850s. Office hours are Monday thru Thursday from 7:30am. to 4:30pm.  Our friendly staff and elected officials welcome your visit or inquiries.

Sharon Town Clerk (802) 763-8268 ext 1 or clerk@sharonvt.net

Sharon Listers (802) 763-8268 ext 2 or sharon.listers@valley.net

Sharon Finance Manager (802) 763-8268 ext 8 or financemgr@sharonvt.net

Sharon Road Crew (802) 763-7194 or roadcrew@sharonvt.net

Sharon Treasurer (802) 763-8268 ext 3 or treasurer@sharonvt.net

Sharon Collector of Delinquent Taxes (802) 763-8268 ext 5 or deltax@sharonvt.net

Sharon Selectboard (802) 763-8268 ext 4 or selectboard@sharonvt.net

Town Offices Physical Address:

69 Route 132
Sharon, VT 05065

Town Offices Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 250
Sharon, VT  05065

Town of Sharon has a Constable Position available, please contact the Selectboard@sharonvt.net

Please report any bugs or broken links to selectboard@sharonvt.net


Property Tax
payments are
6:00pm.  IF you
have questions
please contact
Finance Mgr
Deb Jones at
(802) 763-8268
Ext. #8. 



The next meeting
regarding VTrans'
plans for Exit 2
Park 'n Ride
be Tues. Sept. 20.
Time & location
to be announced.





Downer Road
section between
Star Mtn Road
and Keyes Road.

Beginning on
Mon. August 8
for 4 weeks. 


Local traffic
(residents of
Keyes, upper
Downer Rd,
and Krivak Rd)
should use
Rte. 132 as
detour please.

John Sears
Auto Repair can
be accessed
from Beaver
Meadow end. 


2016 Paving
AUG 25 2016
3PM.  The
RFP and bid
FORM can be
found at the
following link: